• A Great Shift: The Birth of Regulatory Party State in China

    Since 2012, China's approach to economic governance has undergone a significant transformation. My paper introduces the "Great Shift" concept, encapsulating China's evolving regulatory strategy for state involvement in the economy. This shift goes beyond merely expanding the state sector or favoring state-owned enterprises (SOEs). It signifies a strategic pivot towards enhancing the state's regulatory capacity over diverse market entities, including private firms and SOEs, to align with strategic state objectives. The Great Shift denotes a recalibration of the state-market boundary within China's political economy. Its primary aim is to forge a "tamed market economy," bearing substantial implications for China's developmental path and its interactions with other major economies. Acknowledging the Great Shift calls for rethinking traditional "state capitalism" views and adopting a more nuanced engagement with China's distinct state-driven model. This study sheds light on the pivotal elements driving the Great Shift and its extensive impact on China's political economy and the broader scope of global economic governance.

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  • WiseHub与广悦联合打造 “香港生成式人工智能之旅”


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